Admissions Liaison - Lindner Center of HOPE - Residential Williams House

Job Description

The Admissions and Referral Coordinator conducts an assessment for clinical appropriateness and financial feasibility for residential services at the Lindner Center of HOPE (LCOH). This position will be the initial point of contact for the patients, families, and referrers seeking care at the diagnostic and short term residential treatment programs.


Major Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Work with the residential program leadership to be the initial, primary point of contact for patients and families about the program, conducting an initial assessment of the patient and what their clinical needs are. Determines if those needs can be met at LCOH. Makes recommendations to the treatment team/physician about whether a patient should be admitted, and reviews cases with clinical team as needed.
  2. Talks with patients/families about the various programs available at Sibcy and Williams House, helping them understand those programs and what they offer to the potential patient. Follows up with patients and families throughout their decision making process. Coordinate program tours for patients, families, and referrers upon request.
  3. Present pricing information and payment expectations prior to admission, reviewing payment alternatives with patients and families prior to admission to help them determine how they can pay for these private pay services.
  4. Provide appropriate external referrals for patients that cannot be accommodated at Lindner Center. Identify, cultivate and maintain excellent relationships with external referrers to build trust and cross referrals. Develops and maintains in-depth understanding of other programs.
  5. Participate in after hours call rotation.
  6. Distribute discharge summary packets post discharge to patients. Serves as a resource to patients and families in accessing post-discharge services based on resource contacts and relations established.
  7. Arrange ground transportation for patients and families. Recommends local travel accommodations.
  8. Greet new patients at admission; facilitate welcome process including welcome card/sign.
  9. Collect information upon admission, at discharge, and after discharge from the patient, families, and referral sources for outcomes measurement. Develop data collection tools, provide tools to patients and families, and track returns. Collate data and provide aggregate to the Sibcy Director.
  10. Track all calls and inquiries. Provide regular report on activity.
  11. Cultivate relationships by implementing customer service initiatives such as thank you cards, outreach activities, phone follow up, newsletter distribution, alumni programs, and timely report distribution.
  12. Promote programs, exhibiting the highest level of professionalism, confidentiality, and relationship skills.
  13. Participate in marketing and outreach activities as requested. May include travel.
  14. Work seamlessly with external relations marketing and outreach to facilitate admissions and cultivate referrer relationships.
  15. Other duties as assigned.


Position Qualifications:
  1. Registered Nurse, Master's Degree in Social Work or Counseling is required.
  2. Must have a current unrestricted license in the State of Ohio in the appropriate discipline.
  3. At least 5 years experience in a psychiatric/mental health environment.
  4. Must have and maintain age specific competencies to work with children/adolescents or senior adult patients.
  5. Solid knowledge of therapeutic interventions; strong assessment, interview and counseling skills.
  6. Strong interpersonal skills; ability to collaborate well.
  7. Ability to enthusiastically follow and model the Lindner Center of HOPE mission, vision, and values.

Physical Requirements:

The physical demands of this position are consistent with those performed in a normal office environment, including occasional lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling, and sufficient manual dexterity to operate standard office equipment and ability to use a computer. Must have an ease of mobility to be able to frequently move through the Lindner Center of HOPE. Must be able to travel locally and regionally for outreach events.