Nursing RN Supervisor - Lindner Center of HOPE - Full-time, Nights

Job Description

This position has shift specific responsibility for the provision of quality, coordinated services within the organization. Attends to the immediate needs of programs & departments, with a focus on meeting & exceeding the needs of internal & external customers. In collaboration with the leadership team, provides input, feedback, & support for programming, staff, & structure.


Oversees the delivery of care on programs
  • Observes the care provided on each program within the assigned shift
  • Provides immediate feedback to staff related to observations
  • Engages with staff, providing ongoing feedback into performance
  • Ensures completion of patient schedule and programming.
  • Assists in the planning & implementation of care related to complex patients
  • Provides program management with feedback about programming, structure, function, or staff performance

Deploys resources to meet patient care needs
  • Recognizes changes in volume or acuity
  • Reviews staffing schedules for the next 24 hours
  • Adjusts staffing based on the census & patient care needs
  • Initiates procurement of additional staff
  • Plans, delegates & organizes work assignments with staff
  • Delivers direct care as necessary
  • Addresses clinical or physical capacity situations
  • Acquires the equipment & supplies to meet patient needs

Responds to urgent or emergent situations in the organization
  • Assesses situations for urgency
  • Involves self in the resolution of crisis situations
  • Provides direction & leadership during difficult situations

Assures that appropriate functions & reports are complete as designated
  • Monitors the support functions to ensure adequate service
  • Completes assigned reports & monitors
  • Submits reports to the appropriate person or department

Participates in the development of staff
  • Meets the immediate learning needs of staff by providing education, resources, or information
  • Communicates identifed learning needs to the Clinical Manager and Chief Nursing Officer. More global needs are communicated to the clinical educator.
  • Facilitates staff involvement & attendance of learning opportunities

Assists in the human resources processes
  • Participates in interviewing & selecting identified staff
  • Provides input into evaluation of staff performance
  • Makes recommendations to managers related to development, promotion, coaching, or corrective action needed

Acts as a resource for policy, procedure, standards, regulations, mission & vision
  • Has a good working knowledge of the applicable standards & regulations
  • Interprets organizational policy, procedure, mission & vision for others

Participates in the continuous improvement of the organization through the quality improvement process
  • Completes monitors for the specific indicators
  • Assists in the identification of organizational monitors
  • Implements actions that result in continuous improvement of quality & compliance
  • Participates in the organization wide quality measures

Performs the role of Qualified Medical Person in walk-in or transfer situations
  • Completes standardized assessment
  • Collaborates with physician to determine emergency medical condition
  • Supports stabilization of condition to reduce risk of deterioration
  • Facilitates appropriate transfer to accepting facility

Promotes professional relationships
  • Facilitates inter & intra departmental communication to improve effectiveness & efficiency
  • Cultivates external customer relationships with primary vendors & colleagues
  • Responds immediately to customer feedback
  • Participates in meetings with referral sources & external agencies


  1. Registered Nurse in the State of Ohio. Graduate of an accredited school of nursing.
  2. Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.(preferred)
  3. Two years of psychiatric nursing experience
  4. CPR Certification required.
  5. Certification of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing from the American Nurse Association Credentialing Center (preferred)
  6. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide age-specific and developmentally appropriate care for the spectrum of populations admitted to LCOH
  7. Effective leadership skills and the ability to build a strong departmental team. Function effectively as a team member with other staff members of the Lindner Center of HOPE.
  8. Ability to enthusiastically follow and model the Lindner Center of HOPE mission, vision and values

Physical Requirements:

To effectively care for patients, employees must be able to push, pull and lift up to 50 lbs on a regular basis, and be able to stand or walk about 90% of a work shift. Must be able to see, talk, and hear coworkers, patients, and others.