Patient Care Services Associate, OR

Job Description

Location: UC Medical Center
Department: Operating Room
Hours: Full time, 40 hours/week
Shift: Second shift, 3p-11:30a

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Facilitate the efficiency of departmental functioning by performing housekeeping plus transportation of patients, specimens, blood, charts, x-rays, medications, supplies, equipment, etc., throughout the medical center.


Infection Control: - Utilizes proper hand washing. Utilizes universal precautions re: blood borne pathogens. Adheres to isolation precautions. Adheres to dress code and use of personal protective attire.

Completes between procedure room cleaning following UCMC policy in an efficient manner. Completes cleaning of equipment prior to placement in storage areas. Ensures OR hallways are clear of clutter and transports unneeded equipment to proper storage areas. Responds to requests for needed equipment and supplies for OR.

Reports safety hazards and follows hospital policy re: spills etc. Follows fire policy and knows location of extinguishers, alarms and escape routes .

Job Function: - Returns to unit promptly in the event of patient emergency, fire or other disaster. Reports to the charge desk. Carries assigned phone at all times (exception: lunch/break give to an associate). Responds within 5 minutes to pages. Checks assignment for the day. Follows schedule for lunch and breaks.

Daily duties - Cleaning: PACU/SDS, Stretchers, Rooms/ bays between patients, Restrooms (check every 2hours), Door handles, Nutrition/ med area, All desk areas/ cords, cables. Pull out equipment and clean under (Pyxis, crash cart, printers). Counter tops, Sinks, Microwaves, Refrigerator weekly, Floors as needed, Cubbies, Break room, APACU daily (UCMC). Empty trash and linen frequently. Waiting room restroom (Holmes). Wednesday: pull trash and lined from pain rooms 2232 & 2234 (Holmes). Utility room Stocking: PACU/SDS, Paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer (sinks and restrooms). Blanket warmer. Nutrition items: juice, crackers, sandwiches. Patient care area: band aids, alcohol pads, gauze, B/P cuffs, EKG electrodes, nasal cannulas, O2 masks etc. Linen: Wednesday & Friday put linen away on carts (Holmes) Other duties: Completes preoperative surgical clips per clip protocol> Patient transport to: nursing unit, to APACU/ SDS, Oral surgery for post op x-rays, (Holmes) discharge to car (bring back wheelchair and clean). Assemble and fill Kodiak cooler with ice (Holmes). Assemble patient packs: (gowns, booties, hat, belonging bag) SDS only. Plug in pumps and keep equipment areas organized & neat. Verify patients have belongings prior to discharge. Carries assigned phone at all times. Responds within 5 minutes to pages. Breaks and lunch: sign out and in / SDS check with charge nurse. Check with charge nurse for pending or immediate needs Cleaning: utility areas, hallways, scrub sinks, cores, equipment, empty trash by scrub sinks Stocking: unsterile gloves, cleaning wipes, masks, protective eye shields, trash bags, needle boxes, scrub solutions, hats, booties Case Carts: transports contaminated case carts from OR to decontamination area in SPD and transports from SPD to appropriate core. Returns unused supplies and instruments to SPD. Cleans and changes sheets on stretcher/ bed. Ensures there is an oxygen tank on stretcher/ bed. Transports blood to and from the blood bank, specimens, and other transport as needed. Transports patients from patient units/ SDS as needed. Assists OR staff with transfer of patient from stretcher/bed to OR table and from OR table to stretcher/bed. Provides warm blanket to patient upon admission to OR. Under direction of RN assists with holding extremities for prep. Ties backs of sterile gown for scrubbed personnel. Completes preoperative surgical clips per clip protocol. Fills the blanket and fluid warmers(dates the expiration on the fluids per policy). Stationed in OR core to respond to requests. Clean OR and Anesthesia staff lounges. Clean physician dictation room (2023A). Clean Male and Female locker and restrooms Remove trash from OR office. Restock between ORs 3 & 4/ ensure there are 3 liter bags of fluid stocked. Restock ORs 1-5 with blue towels. Empty and clean Neptunes from ORs 1-5. Transport medication cart from sterile core to pharmacy at 2pm for restock. Clean and organize equipment room


Description -

Primary Purpose:

Transport patients, supplies and equipment. Ensures completion of daily tasks such as: emptying trash, hampers, sharps disposal containers, and hazardous waste containers. Keeps environment clean.

Qualifications -

Knowledge and Skills:

Education: High school diploma or GED. Current CPR or acquired prior to end of orientation.

Required Skills and Knowledge: Excellent customer service skills, satisfactory attendance and basic computer skills.