RN, SNF 2 North

Job Description

Location: Daniel Drake Center
Department: Skilled Nursing Facility, 2 North
Hours: Full Time, 36 Hours/Week
Shift: 12 Hour PM

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As the region's adult academic health system, we strive for innovation and provide world-class care for not only our community, but patients from all over the world. Join our team and you'll be able to develop your skills, grow your career, build relationships with your peers and patients, and help us be a source of hope for our friends and neighbors.

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The Registered Nurse (RN) is an individual who holds a current state license to practice nursing. The practice of nursing requires specialized knowledge, judgment, and skills to provide care to groups and individuals. The RN utilizes knowledge derived from the principles of biological, physical, behavioral, social and nursing sciences to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care. The care is culturally based and age specific.


  • Engages in population appropriate communication. Has knowledge of growth and development milestones and tasks.
  • Gives clear instructions to patients/family regarding treatment.
  • Involves family/guardian in the assessment, initial treatment and continuing care of the patient.
  • Identifies any physical limitations of the patient and deploys intervention when necessary.
  • Recognizes and responds appropriately to patients/families with behavioral health problems.
  • Interprets population related data and plans care appropriately.
  • Identifies and responds appropriately to different needs resulting from, unique psychological needs or those associated with religious / cultural norms.
  • Performs treatments, administers medication or operates equipment safely.
  • Recognizes and responds to signs/symptoms of abuse or neglect.

  • Demonstrates nursing clinical skills necessary to make pertinent and accurate assessments of the physical, psychosocial, spiritual and educational needs of the patient.
  • Demonstrates knowledge base of normal age-specific, physiological and psychosocial functions of the unit's population.
  • Performs a basic physical assessment.
  • Initiates upon admission, a nursing admission history and nursing assessment including an educational needs assessment Initiates referrals upon admission and throughout care as based on patient assessment.
  • Understands signs and symptoms and data related to the patient's presenting problems and potential problems.
  • Reassesses and evaluates patient needs each shift and more frequently when indicated by unit standards of care or patient condition.
  • Assesses patient and environmental safety continuously.
  • Receives and gives a complete, concise and timely report on condition of assigned patients.
  • Recognizes and appropriately reports basic abnormal data and subtle changes in patient conditions.
  • Incorporates into plan of care as applicable.
  • Collaborates with other health team members to collect and share pertinent data regarding patient's physiological and psychological condition.
  • Participates in discharge planning.

  • Utilizes collected data to establish and prioritize a list of actual, and potential, individualized age-specific patient problems and/or needs.
  • Prepares, implements, evaluates, revises and coordinates interdisciplinary plan of care for each assigned patient in a collaborative effort with the other health care team members and patient/family within the time frame indicated by unit's standards of practice.
  • Communicates formulated plan of care, as appropriate, to all levels of associates involved in the patient's care.
  • Demonstrates ability to establish priorities of care based on patients' assessment and needs.

  • Implements plan of care and interventions to provide quality care based on assessed needs, established standards of care and according to policy and procedures.
  • Implements nursing actions, either by direct care or delegation of responsibility, based upon patient's plan of care and skill level of personnel.
  • Implements plan of nursing care in collaboration with the patient, family/designee, and other health care team members.
  • D emonstrates critical thinking and accountability in evaluating and implementing of physician.
  • Demonstrates competency for medication administration as allowed by licensure and institution policy
  • Able to recognize emergent situations and implement emergency measures.
  • Demonstrates professional manner during emergent situations.
  • Based upon nursing assessment, makes appropriate referrals to other health care team members in a timely manner.
  • Implements safety interventions to maintain patient/family/staff safety. Reports actual and potential patient safety issues.
  • Demonstrates competency in infection control measures.

  • Continuously evaluates nursing practice in relation to the standards of care and individual plan of care.
  • Evaluates effectiveness of nursing care interventions and revises or continues with plan of care based on patient's response.
  • Involves patient, family and other health care team members in evaluation process when appropriate.
  • Maintains continuity of care between shifts and transfers by reporting or following up on patient care needs.

  • Nursing process is accurately and concisely documented, including evaluation of treatment.
  • Documents according to hospital policy and procedure.
  • Documents plan of care reflective of collaborative practice with other health care team members.
  • Documents patient/family/designee teaching and response appropriately.

  • Effectively manages care through others.
  • Demonstrates time management when providing patient care.
  • Demonstrates flexibility and a cooperative attitude to meet the needs of the unit.
  • Acts as a resources person and mentor for new personnel, floater, and/or supplemental staff working on the unit.
  • Functions as a preceptor.
  • Appropriately delegates to ancillary staff; communicates effectively.

  • Assumes responsibility for personal professional development and contributes to the professional development of peers, colleagues and others.
  • Participates in unit staff meetings. Utilizes learning opportunities on the unit for improvement of self and others.
  • Identifies personal strengths and weaknesses as a professional nurse.
  • T akes initiatives in professional growth in regards to identified weaknesses.
  • Maintains individual competency in nursing practice.
  • Completes all educational, certification and regulatory requirements, submits required tests and paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Involved in best practice recommendations and implementation to improve patient care at the unit level.
  • Evaluates nursing practice by participating in self/peer review and performance improvement activities.
  • Considers factors related to cost and effective outcomes when planning patient care.
  • Manages workload effectively. Initiates care in a timely manner. Answers and responds to patient call lights promptly
  • Abides by Time and Attendance Policy. Supports effective use of staff and supplies.


Knowledge and Skills:
  • Education: Associate's degree, minimum required. Bachelor's degree, preferred.
  • Graduate from an accredited school of nursing. Bachelor of Science in Nursing preferred.

License and Certification: Current Ohio RN License.

Years of Experience:

Medical/Surgical 0+ (will accept new grads)

Critical Care 2+ years equivalent experience preferred

Perioperative Services 2+ years equivalent experience preferred

Emergency Department 2+ years equivalent experience preferred

Obstetrics/Gynecology 2+ years equivalent experience preferred

Mobile Care/Transport 2+ years critical care/emergency nursing or 2 years' pre-hospital Paramedic level experience and 2 years' critical care/emergency experience. Transport nursing experience preferred.

Radiology 2+ years of critical care or emergency care experience preferred; one year interventional radiology preferred

PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) 2 + years clinical nursing experience required; Prefer critical nursing experience or one year of PICC experience

Required Skills and Knowledge:

pecialties • Basic Life Support (American Heart Assoc.) current before end of department orientation.

Critical Care • Care for the patient requiring hemodynamic monitoring, including but not limited to pulmonary artery catheter, arterial line,

• Care for the patient with a temporary pacemaker.

• Care for the patient with acute respiratory failure requiring ventilator support.

• Care for the patient with acute/chronic renal failure in need of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT)

• Care for postoperative patient that initiated from ICU

• Care for post-interventional procedural patient, including but not limited to, angioplasty, stent placement

• Care for the patient requiring paralytic medical management

• Care for the patient requiring intra-aortic balloon pump

• Acts as resource for Centralized Monitoring Unit

• Responds to Code Blue and Rapid Response Team

Perioperative Services • Initiates and participates in Universal Protocol for all surgical procedures

• Demonstrates knowledge of patient safety by providing a safe O.R. experience overall, which includes: ESU, fire, and positioning safety; proper count procedures; proper use of specialty equipment used in the O.R.

• Carries out effectively, core measure set activities and associated documentation requirements. IE: SCIP

• Utilizes American Organization of Operating Room Nurses Standards (AORN), Recommended Practices and Guidelines when providing care within the Operation Room

• Demonstrates the ability to effectively circulate on all types of surgical procedures

• Demonstrates commitment to accountability in cost containment strategies with supply acquisition, handling and charging

• Ability to fulfill on call requirements

• Effectively functions in the scrub role as applicable

Emergency Dept. • PALS current within 1 year of hire

• Passing grade on the basic dysrhythmias/EKG exam upon orientation completion and yearly.

• Awareness and Operations HazMat Training required within one year of hire and annually

• Procedural Sedation Competency

• Rapid Sequence Intubation Competency

• Triage patients utilizing 5-level Emergency Severity Index Triage and determine priority of care based on physical assessment.

• Understands de-escalation principles and utilizes skills/techniques in appropriate situations

Labor and Delivery • NRP and STABLE are required to be obtained within the orientation period.

• EFM certification required within 2 years of hire. (West Chester Hospital)

• 1-3 years' minimum experience working in Women's' Health Services, Labor and Delivery, Neonatal Nursing

• Knowledge of labor, delivery, postpartum and nursery care essentials

• Must know principles and practice of sterile technique and infection prevention

• Skilled in technical aspects of mother/infant care

• Able to perform effectively in stressful situations

• Able to interact effectively with a wide variety of people and departments

• Preferred PALS, NRP or obtain within one year

Special Care Nursery • Cares for infants transitioning to extra uterine life

• Provides age and culturally appropriate care to patient

• Consults and coordinates with health team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans

• Provides nutritional assessment and specialized feedings

• Changes dressings, inserts catheters, starts IV

• Draws labs

• Provides arterials and intravenous therapy

• Monitors and adjusts specialized equipment used on patients, such as ventilators and incubators

• Prepares, administers and records prescribed medications. Reports adverse reactions to medications or treatments

• Monitors vital signs and initiates corrective actions when the patient displays adverse symptoms; communicates to the healthcare team

• Assists physician during examinations, treatments and procedures which could include life-saving situations

• Instructs and educates newborns' families

• Participates in discharge planning

LTAC • Previous clinical experience or certification in critical care, medical/surgical, rehabilitation, and/or gerontology nursing is preferred.

• BCLS required prior to patient contact.

• ACLS and telemetry (EKG) required within 6 months of hire.

Radiology • Provides pre-procedure, intra-procedure and post-procedure care of patients undergoing Interventional Radiology procedures.

• Is competent in moderate sedation under the direction of a physician

• Follow proper radiation safety techniques including compliance with local, state or federal regulation. Uses proper shielding to reduce radiation exposure, adheres to correctly wearing dosimeter badges and maintains a working environment where radiation exposure to self, coworkers, and patients is as low as reasonably achievable.

• Performs proper decontamination procedures in the event of radioactive spills/contamination incidents.


Mobile Care • Apply and obtain Indiana and Kentucky Nursing License within three months of hire

• Current Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum (TNCC), or Transport Nursing Advanced Trauma Course (TNATC)

• Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) or their equivalents must be obtained within the departmental orientation period.

• Relevant certification (CEN, CCRN, CFRN OR CTRN) or equivalent required within two years of employment.

• Ability to make independent, clinically and operationally competent decisions in a challenging environment.

PICC Team • Evaluate the appropriateness of vascular access request

• Is competent in utilization of imaging equipment and PICC /midline catheter supplies

• Knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology as it pertains to proper placement of PICC and midline catheters

• Passing grade on the basic dysrhythmias/EKG exam upon orientation completion and annually

• Maintain competency in EKG interpretation related to catheter placement

• Must demonstrate principles and practice of sterile technique and infection prevention

Cardiac Cath • Passing grade on dysrhythmias/EKG exam upon completion and yearly

• Procedural Sedation Competency yearly

• Care for patient requiring hemodynamic monitoring

• Competent in arterial and venous sheath pulls

• Provides pre-procedure, intra-procedure, and post procedure care of patient undergoing cardiac catheterization procedures

• Demonstrates ability to effectively circulate all types of cardiac catheterization procedures

• Must know principles and practice sterile technique and infection prevention

• Competent in radiation safety

• Must perform and chart thorough cardiovascular assessments

• Required to take "call". Must live within 30-minute radius.

• ACLS required

• Completes annual competency specific to MIS (West Chester Hospital only)

Wound Care • Completes an annually certification of mandatory unit specific, hospital and safety education.

• Wound ostomy care knowledge

• Diabetic education

• Knowledge of adult learning principles

Cardiovascular Recovery • Passing grade on dysrhythmias/EKG exam upon completion and yearly

• Procedural Sedation Competency yearly

• Care for patients requiring hemodynamic monitoring- arterial lines and Swans Ganz catheters only

• Care for pre and post procedural patients, including but not limited to; angiogram, angioplasty, pacemaker/ICD placement, ablation, TEE/Cardioversion, Tilt table test, Loop recorder placement/removal

• Competent in management of post procedural care, including but not limited to; access site management, hemodynamic stability, complex assessment

• Competent in arterial and venous sheath pulls

• Demonstrates and verbalizes knowledge and understanding of the care for a heart failure patient


Stress Testing Lab/Echo Lab • ACLS Current

• Passing grade on dysrhythmias/EKG exam upon completion and yearly

• Procedural Sedation Competency yearly

• Competent in General Stress Testing, Echo Stress Testing & Nuclear Stress Testing

• Competent in Holter Monitor application and removal

• Competent in contrast administration and bubbles studies

• Competent in radiation safety

Electrophysiology • Passing grade on dysrhythmias/EKG exam upon completion and yearly

• Procedural Sedation Competency yearly

• Care for patient requiring hemodynamic monitoring

• Competent in arterial and venous sheath pulls

• Provides pre-procedure, intra-procedure, and post procedure care of patient undergoing electrophysiology procedures

• Demonstrates ability to function in the scrub role and effectively circulate all types of electrophysiology procedures

• Must know principles and practice sterile technique and infection prevention

• Competent in radiation safety

• Must perform and chart thorough cardiovascular assessments

• ACLS required