Technologist, Sr MRI (Reg)

Job Description

The Lead MRI Technologist is responsible for planning daily tasks including preparation for and completion of MRI procedures. Performs all aspects of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).


  • Performs all aspects of Magnetic Resonance Imaging according to established protocols, which includes, but is not limited to, reviewing for appropriateness and completeness of patient histories and requests for services.
  • Explains procedures to patients and ensures that informed consent for invasive procedures has been obtained.
  • Reviews completed MRI safety sheet for patient and any other person entering the magnet area.
  • Positions patients and provides for their protection from magnetic hazard. Selects and operates complex imaging equipment.
  • Regulates exposure factors and other technical factors on individual patients. Reviews films for diagnostic acceptability.
  • Reviews patient medications, administering contrast based on MRI protocol. Prepares and administers, by IV injection, contrast media under physician's direction.
  • Provides routine patient care while patient is in the department.
  • Practices aseptic and sterile technique to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Administers or assists in administering CPR or other emergency procedures as needed.
  • Meets a majority of the following criteria as determined by the Director of Radiologic Administration:
    • Continuous commitment to institution; Continuous high level of technical expertise (having passed advanced level exam in specialty area and/or multi-skilled);
    • Consistently demonstrates a caring, positive attitude as evidenced through the responses from patient satisfaction surveys.
    • Participates in continuing education activities related to the field. Demonstrates and maintain skills in providing care for patients of specific age groups, such as geriatric and neonatal, through in-service and continuing education.
    • Performs evaluative equipment tests; participates in (or is responsible for) quality control program.
    • Is responsible for preparing the employee holiday and work schedules in a timely fashion. Gives advance notification to the employees of any changes in the work or holiday schedule. Is responsible for the day to day operations of the modality.
    • Provides input concerning the staff performance reviews and corrective action.
    • Is responsible for patient scheduling issues that arise during the day.


  • Completion of approved program for MRI technology
  • Registered as a MRI technologist
  • One-year of experience in the appropriate sub-specialty area.