Charge Registered Nurse (RN), LTAC - 3 South, Full Time, 12 hr Day

Job Description

Location: Daniel Drake
Department: LTAC - 3 South
Hours: Full Time
Shift: 12 hr AM

UC Health is hiring a Full Time Charge Registered Nurse (RN) for the LTAC 3 South for the Day shift at Daniel Drake.

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The Charge Nurse reports to the Clinical Nurse Manager in all matters of patient care and unit operations. The Charge Nurse is the person who reaches out for the appropriate resources to respond to care needs in the unit situation to situation and patient to patient. The Charge Nurse is responsible for assigning nursing care activities at the beginning of the shift and during the shift. The Charge Nurse uses knowledge derived from the principles of biological, physical, behavioral, social and nursing sciences to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care. The care is culturally based and age-specific.

  • Engages in population appropriate communication.
  • Has knowledge of growth and development milestones and tasks.
  • Gives clear instructions to patients/family regarding treatment.
  • Involves family/guardian in the assessment, initial treatment and continuing care of the patient.
  • Identifies any physical limitations of the patient and deploys intervention when necessary.
  • Recognizes and responds appropriately to patients/families with behavioral health problems.
  • Interprets population related data and plans care appropriately.
  • Identifies and responds appropriately to different needs resulting from, unique psychological needs or those associated with religious/cultural norms.
  • Performs treatments, administers medication or operates equipment safely.
  • Recognizes and responds to signs/symptoms of abuse or neglect.

Assessment: Demonstrates nursing clinical skills necessary to make pertinent and accurate assessments of the physical, psychosocial, spiritual and educational needs of the patient.
  • Demonstrates knowledge base of normal age-specific, physiological and psychosocial functions of the unit's population.
  • Performs a basic physical assessment.
  • Initiates, upon admission, a nursing admission history and nursing assessment, including an educational needs assessment.
  • Understands when signs, symptoms and data related to the patient are presenting problems or potential problems.
  • Reassesses and evaluates patient needs each shift, and more frequently when indicated by unit standards of care or patient conditions.
  • Assesses patient and environmental safety continuously.
  • Receives and gives a complete, concise and timely report on condition of patients to oncoming Charge Nurse.
  • Notifies Physician, Clinical Coordinator and Manager promptly of pertinent changes in patient's condition or unusual situations that would occur on the unit.
  • Recognizes and appropriately reports basic abnormal data and subtle changes in patient conditions.
  • Incorporates in assessment of patients.
  • Collaborates with other health team members to collect and share pertinent data regarding patient's physiological and psychological condition.
  • Assesses, in preparation for discharge, continuing care needs and makes changes in discharge plan at Interdisciplinary Rounds.
  • Assesses need for referral to other health care professionals.
  • Takes a patient assignment when needed.

Planning: Utilizes collected data to establish and prioritize a list of actual and potential individualized age-specific patient problems and or needs.
  • Prepares, revises and coordinates interdisciplinary plan of care for each assigned patient in a collaborative effort with other health care team members within the time frame indicated by unit's standards of practice.
  • Initiates individualized plan of care according to policy and procedure, identifying actual and potential problems, intervention and goals.
  • Involves patient and/or family and RN in developing goals that are mutually agreed upon.
  • Assures plan of care is consistent with therapy prescribed by the medical practitioner and standards of care.
  • Communicates formulated plan of care, as appropriate, to all levels if associates involved in the patient's care.
  • Provides patient specific and unit specific report to upcoming nurse/charge RN as applicable.
  • Reviews and modifies plan of care based on changing patient needs.
  • Demonstrates ability to establish priorities of care.
  • Initiates discharge planning upon admission and makes appropriate referrals.
  • Attends and participates in patient conferences as indicated.
  • Develops plan of care consistent with anticipated length of stay.
  • Monitors RN's to see if the patient's computerized profile (Kardex) is updated.
  • Checks to see if telemetry strips are being read by RN's.

Implementation: Implements plan of care and interventions to provide quality care based in assessed needs, established standards of care and according to policy and procedures.
  • Implements nursing actions, either by direct care or delegation of responsibility, based upon patient's plan of care and skill level of personnel.
  • Implements plan of nursing care in collaboration with the patient, significant others and other health care team members.
  • Provides ongoing individualized holistic patient and family education, based on needs and plan of care.
  • Demonstrates critical thinking in review of physician orders and accountability for appropriate implementation of physician orders.
  • Demonstrates responsibility for medication administration, as allowed by licensure and institution policy.
  • Responds to emergency and other situations requiring immediate attention in a controlled, precise and skilled manner.
  • Makes appropriate referrals to other health care team members in a timely manner. Implements safety interventions to maintain patient/family/staff safety.
  • Reports actual and potential patient safety issues.
  • Implements measures to prevent contamination and/or transmission of disease.
  • Utilizes appropriate protective devices and equipment to prevent injury.
  • Follows-up to ensure that orders are carried out in a timely manner.
  • Works with staff to obtain orders on new admissions within one hour of patient arrival to floor.
  • Notifies the Clinical Coordinator or Manager of orders not written by Physician within one hour of patient arriving to floor.
  • Checks crash carts daily and exchanges cart after usage.
  • Faxes assignment sheet to Pharmacy (8-2693) daily.
  • Responds to all Rapid Responses and Code Blues when assigned to 3 South.

Evaluation: Continuously evaluates nursing practice in relation to the standards of care and individual plan of care.
  • Evaluates effectiveness of nursing care interventions.
  • Adjusts or continues with plan of care based on patient's response.
  • Involves patient and other health care team members in evaluation process when appropriate.
  • Maintains continuity of care between shifts and transfers by reporting or following up on patient care needs.

Documentation: Nursing process is accurately and concisely documented, including evaluation of treatment.
  • Documents in a timely manner and according to hospital policy and procedure.
  • Completes forms accurately and completely.
  • Documents plan of care reflective of collaborative practice with other health care team members.
  • Documents patient/family teaching and response appropriately.
  • Assists with admissions if he/she does not have patients of his/her own.
  • This includes: obtaining report from the sending facility, getting the patient's height and weight and vital signs, doing a pain assessment and falls risk assessment, obtaining required swabs, completing the Interdisciplinary Teaching Form (first page) and giving report to RN assigned to patient.

Leadership: Effectively manages care through others.
  • Demonstrates accountability for completion of assigned work.
  • Accepts and fulfills Charge Nurse duties.
  • Assigns patients appropriately to caregivers based on patient needs and skill level of staff.
  • Adjusts assignments as patient needs change.
  • Demonstrates flexibility and a cooperative attitude when adjustments are necessary, including assuming the assignment of another RN due to staffing changes.
  • Acts as a resource person for new personnel, float and/or supplemental staff working on the unit, and documents and evaluates competency as required.
  • Assures assignment sheet is updated with current patient information every shift.
  • Provides care for full or partial patient assignment based on staffing needs for the day/shift (unit specific).
  • Charge Nurse will assign lunches and breaks for nursing and support staff. Assist RN's who are busy or overwhelmed with work as needed as applicable.
  • Monitors for performance concerns and addresses applicable concerns by staff follow up and coaching.
  • Informs Clinical Manager/Clinical Coordinator of significant staff performance or discipline issues.
  • Complete applicable audits and evaluation forms specific to our unit.
  • Hand washing
  • Wearing appropriate isolation attire
  • Hourly rounding
  • Validating all orders were completed for the shift
  • How quickly staff are responding to call lights
  • Other as applicable Provides leadership, direction, and moral support to other staff members.
  • Remains calm during stressful situations and assists staff to prioritize work assignments/tasks.
  • Maintains a positive attitude and acts as a staff role model.
  • Demonstrates interpersonal problem-solving skills.
  • Listens to staff concerns and follows up as applicable.
  • Builds successful caring relationships with staff. Gives and receives constructive feedback.

Productivity: Considers factors related to cost and effective outcomes when planning patient care.
  • Manages workload effectively. Initiates care in a timely manner.
  • Abides by Time and Attendance Policy.
  • Supports effective use of staff and supplies.
  • Makes self as visible as possible to staff.
  • Works scheduled shifts as needed to meet the needs of the unit, to include: will work 12 hour shifts; may be asked to work some weekends (depending on units needs); and will work assigned holidays.
  • Works with Clinical Supervisor/House Manager to balance staffing needs based on census and acuity levels, and to staff within unit defined productivity targets.
  • Obtains approval from Clinical Manager/Clinical Coordinator before approving staff schedule changes that would result in overtime.


Experience: At least one year of nursing experience required; previous additional clinical.

Required Skills and Knowledge: The RN demonstrates the knowledge, abilities and skills to provide culturally-specific patient care and education. The RN effectively communicates with peers, utilizes appropriate channels of communication and maintains confidentiality. The RN demonstrates evidence of continuing professional growth. The RN demonstrates the ability to accept and implement change, as well as the ability to work in a culturally diverse setting. The RN demonstrates ongoing competency in clinical performance for age-related care, growth and development needs, treatment protocols and psychosocial needs of patients, with the primary focus on adult and geriatric patients.

Licenses and Certifications: The Charge RN is a graduate of an accredited School of Nursing, who holds a current license to practice nursing in the state of Ohio. Membership in a professional organization is desirable, but not required. BCLS required prior to patient contact. ACLS telemetry and certification(s) specific to medical/surgical, orthopedic, critical care or gerontological nursing desired.