Growth & Development

We believe your journey with us starts even before you join our team, from identifying and attracting the right people, to matching them with the right job. Once you start, we'll welcome you with support and development potential that's designed to help you thrive in your role.

Smile Nurse Showing the faces of UC Health Being Extraordinary Smile Nurse Showing the faces of UC Health Being Extraordinary
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Your First Year

To get your career off on the right foot, we offer our New Employee First-Year Onboarding Academy. This Academy provides 12 months of onboarding support, divided into four stages: Learn, Connect, Build and Launch. This phased approach includes learning about the company, the team and the role, connecting with the people and resources, and building strategies for career and personal growth - all to help launch you into a successful future at UC Health.

 	A young female employee pauses during her workday at the First-Year Onboarding Academy.


Career Development for All Employees.

Ongoing professional development is provided through on-demand learning content, career mapping and other opportunities. Some of our offerings include:

  • Training sessions on Our UC Health Way and what it takes to create a five-star experience for our patients, visitors and each other.
  • Technical and productivity training courses.
  • Personal development courses on exercise, nutrition, and mental health and wellness.
  • Leadership development courses.
  • Additional training on interpersonal communication, communication styles, team dynamics, navigating change, conflict management and other courses related to work productivity and efficiency.

Grow Your Career and Build New Skills


DiscoverU is how UC Health supports the next step in your career journey, by offering dynamic resources, learning opportunities, career pathways guidance and much more.

Learning Hub Icon

Learning Hub

Consolidated hub for content so you have full access to offerings and can learn new skills.

Career Journey Icon

Career Journey

Aligned with career aspirations and facilitated through performance management.

Career Pathway Icon

Career Pathway

Full insight to your career pathway, identifies any skill gaps and outlines necessary training.

Learning Journeys Icon

Learning Journeys

Outlined for new hires and new leaders.

Tuition Assistance Icon

Tuition Assistance

Options available for tuition assistance.

Social Learning Icon

Social Learning

Platform for employees to learn and share ideas asynchronously.

 	Two female nurses study a computer screen about a patient’s progress.

Tuition Reimbursement and Educational Cohort Programs

UC Health is committed to employee career development that also supports our purpose to advance healing and reduce suffering. Employees are encouraged to continue their formal education through accredited institutions for knowledge that directly aligns with current business needs, including:

  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • RN/BSN Cohort (for selected UC Health nurses)
  • BSN/MSN Cohort (for selected UC Health nurses)