Clinical Services Coordinator, Internal Medicine

Job Description

To provide administrative medical support to clinical staff which includes; scheduling patient appointments, collection of pertinent referral forms, determination of eligibility for appointment related to physician?s criteria, scheduling of diagnostic testing, telephone customer service, and other general clerical tasks.


Manage Patient Record:
  • Pull records to meet unit needs daily; re-file after each session; maintain alpha order.
  • Replace chart jackets as needed (torn, illegible, etc.).
  • Purge charts annually (two year intervals).
  • Manage/monitor filing daily, accurately and consistently.
  • File loose documentation with current information on top.
  • Identify reports not belonging to the practice and disposition.
  • Coordinate shadow record information with medical records related to medical records and continuity of care (i.e. correct MRN, Jr. vs. Sr., etc.).
  • Shred information with patient names as needed.

Manage Forms:
  • Tracking/disposition following signature
  • Establish/maintain a system to track forms for patients; date form upon arrival.
  • Pull patient charts and attach forms for MD review and completion.

Schedule Tests/Appointments:
  • Schedule follow-up appointments/tests; this is completed as the patient is checked out; it is ideal to have the information at the time of checkout.

Receive/Review/Distribute Mail:
  • Open mail daily, stamp with date received and review to determine appropriate routing as needed. Return to sender any mail not for the area.
  • Mail out material as needed.

Process Phone Calls:
  • Answer primary line for the practice; take calls & route messages to appropriate person.
  • Provide information to patients as appropriate.
  • Maintain standard of practice regarding calls, answer in a timely manner (under one minute).
  • Use proper phone etiquette: cheerful, helpful, using boundaries as needed.
  • Provide MD schedule of the month as needed or appropriate.

Process Managed Care Referrals:
  • Check for correct information prior to being sent out; review incoming and distribute to the appropriate location.

Place Remainder Calls:
  • Call all patients who have appointments to remind them.
  • Note any cancellations to open up spots for incoming requests.
  • Record all calls and maintain record.


Minimum Required:
  • Bachelor's Degree in Science and Allied Health Science with training in echocardiography
  • Board certified or board eligible by the American Registry of Diagnostic Sonographers (ARDMS).
  • Must be board certified and be current with all continuing education requirements.
  • 3 - 5 Years equivalent experience; Preferred: 6 - 10 Years equivalent experience