Clinician- Metabolic Support

Job Description

This individual is a licensed Nurse, Nutritionist or Pharmacist with intensivist expertise in clinical nutrition. Provides state-of-the-art acute metabolic/nutritional patient intervention for optimal clinical and financial outcomes. Provides metabolic support and intellectual direction to the department including systems development and implementation in clinical care, research and education. Available for consultation with physician for interventional corrections when metabolic needs are not met, or with clinically-significant laboratory values.


PATIENT POPULATION - (CLINICAL ONLY) 5% Engages in population appropriate communication. Has knowledge of growth and development milestones and tasks. Gives clear instructions to patients/family regarding treatment. Involves family/guardian in the assessment, initial treatment and continuing care of the patient. Identifies any physical limitations of the patient and deploys intervention when necessary. Recognizes and responds appropriately to patients/families with behavioral health problems. Interprets population related data and plans care appropriately. Identifies and responds appropriately to different needs resulting from, unique psychological needs or those associated with religious / cultural norms. Performs treatments, administers medication or operates equipment safely. Recognizes and responds to signs/symptoms of abuse or neglect.

Metabolic management of processed nutrients (discriminate use of parenteral nutrition support, immuno-enhancing formulae, wound healing agents and disease-specific tube feedings to significantly decrease morbidity). High acuity patient-specific nutrient prescription for decreased ICU and hospital length of stay, optimized wound healing, and disease prevention/resolution. - 10%

Job Function: - 15% Optimal metabolic control including electrolyte management, fluid intake/output and glucose control. I.V. along with nasogastric and nasoenteric enteral access provision.

Job Function: - 15% Provides and supervises routine departmental functions in collaboration with the Clinical Manager Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Collaborates with other departments to develop and implement protocols of nutrition support. Collaborates with Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, Home Care Coordinators, Dietitians, and support providers to ensure a comprehensive discharge planning process for home nutrition support patients. Develops and maintains an ongoing comprehensive quality assurance program for the Metabolic Support Department.

Job Function: - 15% Demonstrates leadership and mentoring expertise. Works effectively with others, possessing tact, discretion, and diplomacy. Follows RITE values (including honesty, loyalty, patience, and empathy). Demonstrates knowledge and expertise in nutrition support. Demonstrates a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and high degree of self-motivation. Views all patients as unique persons of worth and dignity.

Job Function: - 15% Develops and revises policies and procedures related to metabolic support and access devices when needed. Collaborates with nurses, pharmacists, dietitians and physicians to achieve change.

Job Function: - 15% Rounds on all patients receiving parenteral nutrition and on Metabolic Support-consulted enteral nutrition patients. Intervenes with patients who have diseases refractory to standard care. Collaborates with consulted medical services to achieve success. Provides fellows and residents mentoring on critical care metabolism.

Job Function: - 10% Assists with nursing associates orientation and education. Presents monthly education on metabolic support services to Surgical Intensive Care residents and fellows. Assists with orientation of Surgical Intensive Care residents monthly. Acts as mentor to residents and fellows regarding specialized metabolic support, insertion of PICC lines and insertion of feeding tubes. Provides metabolic consultation to nursing and medical associates. Educates and trains patients/families regarding specialized metabolic support when necessary. Active metabolic support participation with research endeavors. Preceptor for GI Fellows and Pharm D. Fellows


Minimum Required: Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, Nutrition, or Pharmacy Preferred: Master's Degree | Appropriate professional credentials, including Ohio licensure. | Minimum Required: 3 - 5 Years equivalent experience.