Maintenance Technician -Lindner Center of HOPE

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Lead Mechanic and the Director of Facilities, responsible for repairs, replacements, and inspections. Clean and calibrates all mechanical and electrical hospital equipment and its properties. Demonstrates behaviors reflective of the mission and RITE core values of Drake Center and the UC Health as well as those specific to required competencies for successful job performance.


Routine and Preventive Maintenance (PM): Provides quality workmanship relating to co-workers and management's needs as described by way of work orders or described in preventive maintenance schedule - 65% Monitors the operation of all auxiliary and major hospital equipment to ensure uninterrupted services. Conduct routine floor checks of areas within the Drake Center complex and make necessary repairs.

Demonstrates knowledge in the area, equipment and systems that support the plant maintenance operation and of all Drake Center. Documents and maintains an effective working system of record keeping by filling out a legible, complete and accurate description of all work performed or problems relating to Drake Center equipment or systems Performs an ongoing preventive maintenance of all systems and equipment by exercising and displaying accuracy in cleaning, inspecting, aligning, measuring, installing and repairing these systems and equipment. Checks and maintains the medical gas system and proper operation of emergency generator when it is automatically activated due to power failure from outside sources. Responds to emergency call-ins and adapts to changes in the work environment and scheduling. Maintains an effective standard of safety and cleanliness of Drake Center and its equipment by exercising all the rules governing the use of protective clothing, application of tools, handling of chemicals, and machinery operation. Completes work order and PM work order documentation at the end of each shift in an accurate and timely manner.

Mechanic Inventory: -Responsible for maintaining the Mechanic storeroom organization and cleanliness. Performs Mechanic inventory counts in a timely manner; maintaining inventory par levels to ensure proper supply levels and avoid against stock shortages/outages. Receives and checks Mechanic orders for accuracy, stocks to shelves and/or dispenses material/equipment for appropriate use. Requests materials/equipment needed through submission of a written requisition identifying items to be ordered.

New Construction: Providing quality workmanship relating to project and new construction as described by management needs. Contacts Director in relation to scheduling a timeframe for desired work. Prepares surfaces in new construction areas for work to commence.


Daily Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Run the daily maintenance operations of the property and buildings under supervision of the Maintenance Supervisor.
  2. Inspect property and buildings for life/safety issues and take immediate corrective action. Identify building maintenance needs, prioritize work and take corrective actions. Perform a range of skilled building maintenance.
  3. Repair and maintain a variety of mechanical equipment.
  4. Read and interpret sketches, drawings, diagrams and blueprints.
  5. Perform plumbing work including the installation and replacement of plumbing fixtures including sinks, toilets, faucets, and clear obstructions from water and sewer lines.
  6. Complete inspection and preventive maintenance reports from the work order system, recommend, prioritize, and perform corrective maintenance as required.
  7. Operate, maintain and repair a variety of mechanical tools, equipment and various hand tools required for carpentry, plumbing, and maintenance skills.
  8. Make adjustments to the HVAC System through the use of the Building Automations System.
  9. Monitor the Refrigeration Systems through VersaTrak.
  10. Actively participate in the positive development of other facilities maintenance team members and the development of technical knowledge of the team.