Senior Call Center Representative, Public Safety Dispatch Center

Job Description

  • Senior call center representatives provide frontline oversight and demonstrate excellent proficiency in all skills required of a call center representative.
  • Serves as point of contact for training for their shift for both new and established employees.
  • Takes escalated calls, concerns, and requests that cannot be handled by frontline staff and escalates further to departmental or organizational leadership as appropriate.
  • May work evenings, nights, weekends and holidays to maintain 24-hour, seven day a week coverage of the call center function.
  • Performs other duties as required


  1. Call Center Representative Functions/Escalation

score: N/A
    • Performs at a high level of proficiency all duties required of a call center representative, including answering and routing of calls, processing on-call paging and emergency notification requests, processing of after-hours calls, and other duties.
    • Serves as first point of contact for frontline staff for calls requiring escalation, call concerns, and call questions during their assigned shift.
    • Determines need for and coordinates appropriate escalation of events to departmental leadership and system leadership as appropriate.
    • Assists with determining immediate staffing needs and identifying staff to fill shift deficiencies in immediate circumstances. Serves as first point of notification for shift call-offs and late arrivals.
  1. Training and Education

score: N/A
    • Assists with training of new hires including completion of Daily Observation Reports, skill check-offs, and other progress reports.
    • Serves as mentor for new hires throughout onboarding process.
    • Coaches new and established hires on policies and procedures; assists with continuing education and reinforcement.
    • Assists with development of training documents for new or changing processes.
    • Identifies areas of opportunity for process/performance improvement and continuing education.
  1. Technical

score: N/A
    • Monitors a wide variety of hardware and software systems for errors or unusual activity and appropriately reports and/or escalates issues to appropriate parties.
    • Maintains working knowledge of various hardware and software applications including how to troubleshoot equipment and handle internal technical inquiries for paging and other communications equipment needs.
    • Provides technical instruction to new and established employees on the appropriate operation of various computer programs.
  1. Skill Demonstration

score: N/A
    • Exercises sound judgment under stressful circumstances and quickly analyzes situations to form action plans and viable conclusions.
    • Provides exceptional customer service to internal and external customers.
    • Demonstrates exceptional interpersonal communications and conflict resolution skills.
    • Demonstrates exceptional critical thinking skills and maintains situational awareness.
    • Communicates effectively, concisely, and articulately in oral and written form; demonstrates excellent listening skills and diction.
    • Handles sensitive inquiries and information with strict confidentiality.
    • Serves as a model for all skills outlined above for frontline staff.
  1. Other Duties as Assigned

score: N/A
    • Maintains current knowledge of agency policies and procedures.
    • Maintains thorough and accurate documentation as required or requested.
    • Completes department and organizational trainings as assigned.
    • Accepts and completes special projects as assigned.


  • Minimum Required: High School Diploma or GED
  • Preferred: Associate's Degree or Higher
  • APCO Communications Training Officer (CTO) or equivalent communications training certification must be obtained within one year of employment
  • Minimum Required: 3 - 5 Years equivalent experience
  • Preferred: 6 - 10 Years equivalent experience
  • Education and experience requirements
    • This position requires a High School Diploma. College education of an associate's degree or above in a related field is preferred but not required.
    • APCO Communications Training Officer (CTO) or equivalent communications training certification must be obtained within one year of employment.
    • A minimum of 3 - 5 years of previous experience in healthcare, call center, customer service or related fields is required with 6 - 10 years of experience preferred.
    • Must have maintained continuous employment as a UC Health Call Center Representative for minimum of one year.
    • Must have received at minimum an effective performance review and not be on current corrective action of Written Warning or higher.
  • Skill requirements
    • Demonstrated exceptional proficiency with personal computers and Windows-based applications including Microsoft Office and various other hardware/software programs in the call center, including the ability to monitor various programs and provide proactive troubleshooting.
    • Demonstrated history of providing exceptional customer service.
    • Must be able to work effectively in a stressful, fast-paced environment.
    • Must exhibit exceptional interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.
    • Ability to carry out detailed and complicated procedures and instructions according to standard operating procedure; ability to remain calm and effectively communicate under pressure and unusual circumstances; and ability to multitask on a consistent basis.
    • Exercise sound judgment under stressful circumstances; communicate effectively, concisely, and articulately in oral form; develop and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, associates, other agency representatives and general public; handle sensitive inquiries and contacts with officials and general public; demonstrate excellent hearing and diction; analyze situations, establish facts and formulate viable conclusions; document all activities performed. At all times maintains strict confidentiality.