Specialist Processing and Delivery

Job Description

Collects, cleans, prepares for use and distributes equipment. Quickly and efficiently responds to requests from areas requiring equipment managed by the Central Service department and all other duties as assigned.


Quickly and accurately delivers equipment and supplies. Anticipates the needs of customers. Responds to electronic and telephone requests within the reasonable timeframe. Clean equipment and carts to the highest standards and prepare for restocking and/or distribution. Restock department inventory daily. Replenish cart supplies and forms according to pre-established standards/par levels. Assemble supply kits for carts. Safely collect soiled equipment/carts using Personal Protective Equipment and return to the designated area of the department for cleaning. Check equipment and supplies for expiration dates and accuracy of stocking daily. Communicate/collaborate as a team to accomplish tasks in timely manner.


Minimum Required:

High School Diploma or GED

0 - 6 Months equivalent experience

Preferred: 7 - 11 Months equivalent experience