Sr. Mechanic, Maintenance

Job Description

To provide repair, preventative maintenance, installation and other miscellaneous services to hospital utility, structure, and non-medical hospital equipment.


  • Install, repair, and maintain various components and systems such as electrical lighting, heating, cooling, casework, windows, doors and plumbing and kitchen equipment. -
  • Perform preventative maintenance on various hospital equipment and systems as directed.
  • Troubleshoot and analyze problems, repair and maintain systems which may include tube, ECI systems, and medical gas storage and systems. -
  • Provide information and maintain required reports, logs, and records
  • Assist in training other personnel, practice safety, maintain tools, and equipment as appropriate.
  • Assist other personnel as directed to ensure proper operation of Facilities


Minimum education requirements: High School Diploma

Experience: 2-3 years in a related field.

Specialized Knowledge: Mechanical/Carpentry background including familiarity with repair, maintenance tools and terms, as well as the ability to read and interpret blueprints and technical manuals.