Administrative Fellowship- Master's Level Graduates

Job Description

The UC Health Administrative Fellowship is targeted toward Masters-Level graduates and Masters Candidates in healthcare administration, business administration, and public health with focused tracts such as hospital operations at either UC Medical Center or West Chester Hospital or Quality and Performance Improvement through the Chief Medical Office. This one-year fellowship's purpose is to develop strong administrative leaders for UC Health and the health care industry by providing them with practical skills and experience with will help prepare them for the challenges of leadership in the healthcare industry. This experience can serve as a requirement of a Masters program for graduation or as a post-graduate training program.


  • Take part in active, hands-on, substantive projects that foster development of verbal, interpersonal and analytical skills and the opportunity to translate academic theory into practice
  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the healthcare industry and the components of the organization
  • Communicates information effectively using the appropriate level of judgment, accuracy, and courtesy with internal and external constituents
  • Exhibits accuracy, attention to detail, consistency, and ability to meet multiple deadlines in all work efforts
  • Demonstrates ability to synthesize information (quantitative/qualitative) and complete components of preliminary and final reports, including spreadsheets and financial analyses (if applicable)
  • Demonstrates ability to work independently and to collaborate in group settings
  • Exhibits a willingness to take on leadership and non-leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Possesses effective management skills


Application Requirements:
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Personal statement by the candidate covering the reasons for being interested in the fellowship and how it relates to their career goals
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Graduate and undergraduate transcripts