Asst- Oral Medical Services Rookwood

Job Description

The Oral Medical Services Assistant is responsible for assisting patients and physicians in the daily treatment of patients. Performs radiology functions as instructed, schedules office procedures, gives post-op instructions, prepares surgical area, maintains equipment and triages patient phone calls.


Job Responsibilities

  • Assist in seating patients, obtain and record vital signs, chief complaint and medical information required for thorough evaluation by the physician under the guidelines of HIPPA Privacy Act and patient confidentiality standards.
  • Coordinate with external departments and agencies the acquisition of referrals, treatment plans, lab reports, imaging and pertinent medical records to facilitate a comprehensive and complete exam.
  • Utilize electronic medical record to designate appropriate form for evaluation and treatment and document necessary HPI, ROS and Medical information as required by physician to maintain compliance requirements.
  • Performs radiology functions as instructed by physician, documenting and taking x-rays, including but not limited to Panoramic, Cephlametric and Periapical.
  • Schedule office procedures and educate patients regarding procedure and pre-op instructions. Obtain and document signatures for surgery consents and pre-operative surgical instructions.
  • Assist Physician during clinic surgical procedures. Monitor patient during and post procedure and provide physical support during surgery as needed. Remains with the patient during recovery continuing to monitor and record their vitals and prepare them for release.
  • Preparation and maintenance of surgical area and exam rooms to include but not limited to cleaning/disinfecting, stocking supplies, instrument sterilization, daily set up of procedure trays.
  • Maintains Surgical Equipment to facilitate longevity and effective use according to instrument requirements, i.e. Ultra Sonic, Drills, Tubings, Implant Kits, etc. Maintains Auto-Clave to acceptable quality standards as required by OOSHA through the administration of and proper documentation of routine Spore Testing.


Education : High school graduate or GED required.

Certification : Ohio State Dental Board Dental Assistant Radiographer Certificate required.

Experience : One year of relevant experienced preferred.