HR Pre-boarding Coordinator

Job Description

The Human Resources Preboarding Coordinator will be responsible for supporting the success of the Preboarding department. Responsibilities include coordinating the work performed by the HR Preboarding Specialists who play a key role in assisting new employees throughout the preboarding process. This role will be responsible for ensuring that the new hires preboarding experience is filled with exceptional customer service including communication, managing employee and customer inquiries, providing data to support ongoing process improvements, as well as Preboarding new hires efficiently and with exceptional customer service.

In this position you will assist the Preboarding Manager with leading the Preboarding team and be responsible for operational success of UC Health's processes and policies. This individual may assist with the processing of preboarding functions (background checks to ensure federal and state compliance regulations are met, hire transaction processing, processing of I-9 documentation and collect paperwork (including licensure and certifications) and HR transactions (transfers, start date changes and terminations). The HR Preboarding Coordinator will be ensuring all hiring processes, and preboarding credentialing requirements are met in a timely manner to drive the team towards efficiency while working within standard work and improve process and policy.


Job Function:

• Lead employees and assist with managing schedules.
• Responsible for training/educating Preboarding specialists.
• Performs routine audits of employee files to ensure they are accurate and complete.
• Assist with projects to continue efficiencies to enhance process improvement, workflow, and candidate experience.
• Maintain knowledge of position job descriptions, location specific pre-boarding requirements.

Credentialing and Hiring
  • Ensure Education, Primary Source License/Certification credentialing are complete for internal and external candidates based on job description and meets state and federal regulations and compliance.
  • Schedule candidates for Preboarding and Employee health appointments, and verify all required items are provided, processed, and results confirmed.
  • Complete fingerprints and background check for candidates to ensure federal and state regulations are met including education verification, background results and employment verification/proof.
  • Take and process new hire UC Health Badge pictures of new hire employees, contractors, students, and residents.
  • Process I-9 documentation, E-verify, and verify One Touch Journey tasks are complete with appropriate documentation.
  • Document, report, and upload candidate information to provide accurate tracking of employee information within appropriate tracking systems (ATS, Background company, etc....).
  • Process candidate hires, start date adjustments, offer letter updates. Rescind offers and terminate employment relationship in ATS.

Communication and Collaboration
  • Function as main point of contact for candidates in the Pre-Boarding phase of hire by clear communication through various methods (calls, email & texting) to ensure credentialing is completed timely.
  • Function as a liaison and proactively communicate expectations, deadlines and orientation status to the candidate, recruiters, employee health, hiring leaders, training, HRIS, and other related departments.
  • Prepare, update, and provide weekly updates on orientation status to various departments.
  • Provide exceptional and timely customer service to enhance the candidate and hiring leader experience.
  • Maintaining confidentiality with candidates/employees
  • Ability to critically think and timely solve issues.

Data and Reporting
  • Provides data/reporting to understand department metrics and process improvement opportunities.
  • Collaborates with HRIS to update/consolidate reports for accuracy & efficiency.
  • Provide updated and accurate reports for department and organizational business needs.
  • Audit hiring reports and workflow for accuracy.


Minimum Qualifications:

Education: HS diploma or GED required. Associate Degree in Human Resources or related field preferred

Experience: 1-2 years of HR experience or customer service-related fields required.