Nutrition Care Clerk

Job Description

As a nutrition care clerk, you will receive, process and implement diet changes utilizing computerized system. Assist patient in menu selection and deliver patient meals.


Receive, process and implement diet changes. Respond to inquiries from patients, family members or health care providers regarding meal service or other dietary needs/requests. Receive and deliver meal trays, tube feeding and nourishments to patients and/or patient units. Assist patients with tray set-up. Retrieve soiled trays from rooms, patient care units and return to kitchen. Utilize approved scripts when delivering and collecting meal trays. Utilize effective problem-solving techniques, which promote respect and cultural sensitivity. Check patient unit refrigerators for supply of bulk juices/milk. Order juice/milk to replenish to par levels. Deliver bulk juices to patient unit refrigerators. Check food products in refrigerators for correct labeling and expiration dates.


Minimum Required:

High School Diploma or GED

Preferred Degree: Associate degree, Bachelor's Degree

Preferred: 1 - 2 Years equivalent experience